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What is Divergence: A Festival of Madness

Divergence is a week-long Festival of Madness.  It aims to provide a space for Mad, Divergent and Neurodivergent people, to connect, celebrate, showcase, and share the richness of their lives, to one another and the wider community.  We want sane folk to have an opportunity to witness our diversity and have an opportunity to see what we as divergent people bring to the world.

First held in 2019, the festival combines art, performance, conversation, activity, and education to bring a celebration of Mad lives to the community.  The theme for 2019 was Mad Wisdom, 2020 brought Unboxed Lives and this year we are excited to announce this year we are focused on Reclamation.

What is thie theme for 2020?

The theme of Reclamation is an invitation to reclaim the losses in our lives that have either led to or come about as a consequence of our experiences of mental distress.  Examples of these could be a loss of our identity, control of the narrative of our lives, a feeling of disconnection from culture, sovereignty over your body, to name just a few! The list of possibilities is endless!

Over the course of Divergence, we will provide opportunity to consider, discuss and take action to reclaim these elements.  This could be through dialogue over pizza, performance art on stage, creativity with your family or education via our seminar, we hope that there will be an opportunity for all.   

To find out more check out... or take a look at our Facebook page

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