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What is Divergence: A Festival of Madness

Divergence is a two week-long Festival of Madness.  It aims to provide a space for Mad, Divergent and Neurodivergent people, to connect, celebrate, showcase, and share the richness of their lives, to one another and the wider community.  We want sane folk to have an opportunity to witness our diversity and have an opportunity to see what we as divergent people bring to the world.

First held in 2019, the festival combines art, performance, conversation, activity, and education to bring a celebration of Mad lives to the community.  The theme for 2019 was Mad Wisdom, 2020 brought Unboxed Lives 2021 Reclamation,  2023 Constellations and this year we are excited to announce this year we are focused on REvolution.

What is the theme for 2024?

This year's theme for the Divergence festival is REvolution!
We are looking forward to bringing together conversations that highlight both the evolutionary and revolutionary elements of our journeys. This will involve exploring and celebrating the personal development and recovery/discovery work we undertake in order to navigate the world around us. Found within this work, are calls to social action to shift the societal challenges that underlie many of our experiences of the world. During REvolutions we will take time to celebrate how far we have come and consider what we can work on to create a world that works for all.
As always there will be a variety of events including our old faves Black Dog Walk Off, Families of Wonderland, and our Burlesque Variety Showcase. We are also planning a creativity exhibition, with a mini market. This year will bring a return of the Journal of Divergence - which will run as an online symposium, made up of a variety of recorded (so people can watch later) sessions.
So join the revolution - and save the dates!

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