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 Black Dog Walk Off

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Since the first Black Dog Walk Off at Divergence 2019, Thriving Madly has held regular walks as an opportunity for a short walk and a catch up.  But don't worry if you don't have a black dog, or even a dog for that matter – dogs are not a requirement.  In fact, you might even find one of us walking our imaginary alternate reality dogs as we join in the fun and connection. We look forward to meeting you and your real or imaginary friends/ pets. 

Black Dog Walk Off is key component of Divergence.  It is an opportunity to make visible what is often a hidden community. The use of the Black Dog is in reference to the analogy that is often used by people facing the experience which is commonly known as depression. By walking our Black Dog while connecting with others we are in fact practically displaying some of the Wisdom that comes from Madness.  

Upcoming Dates:
  • April 18, Sunday

  • May 23, Sunday

  • June 27, Sunday

  • July 25, Saturda

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