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What is Thriving Madly - A presentation to Environment Canterbury

Environment Canterbury had heard a little about Thriving Madly and asked for Hannah to come and share about creating spaces of inclusion at one of their Inspirational Leaders Lunchtime talks.

Within the 90 min presentation Hannah spoke to a little of the history of Thriving Madly and what brought the mutual support community into being. Alongside that she introduced the way in which the community is structured, and three of the many ideas that supported the shared understandings within the community. By touching on Thriving Madly's Lived Experience Ways, the importance of Intentional Peer Support, and the impact that wisdom held within the Power Threat Meaning Framework has had on the communities understands, she allows people to see a little of what brings the community together and what supports the navigation of hard times.

As a community we thought it might be a way of sharing a little of who we are with others who maybe interested.

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